The Best Table Tennis Shoes For Wide Feet And Flat Feet

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As a high-speed sport, finding the best table tennis shoes isn’t easy at all men and women because you have to move your hand as well as the leg quickly. 

If you don’t move your whole body properly and can’t do the necessary movement at a sudden time, then you won’t be prepared for your competitive game.

Movement is also very important for playing table tennis. On the other hand, Shoes play a big role in games because it has prepared your foot for the next step. It will also determine how well you are doing in your activities.

Game is very important for a player, it is equally important to have a good shoe that keeps the comfort of your feet at the end of your game.

As a matter of fact that you need such a pair of table tennis shoes that provide excellent grip and support on your foot.

That’s why we’ve written an article after doing a lot of research. So, you can easily find the best table tennis shoes and these shoes are supportive for your feet to play well.

ASICS Men’s Gel-Game 7 Best Table Tennis shoes wide feet

Best Table Tennis shoes wide feet

ASICS Men’s Gel-Game 7 is specifically designed for tennis courts and it is made in the USA. Besides, these shoes made of synthetic materials that provide excellent light-weight, extra comfort, flexible, and breathable.

Traction is very important for any shoes. That’s why, these shoes uses rubber outsole which is best for durability and also for traction. 

Besides, the gel cushioning system combines with the midfoot trusstic system for a combination of comfort and durability.

Even, they come in amazing designs as well as stylish. Remember that, these Asics table tennis shoes offer you at a friendly price.

We also offer you the best Skechers walking shoes for plantar fasciitis, it also helps you to play well.

Here a look some key features-

  • Pros
  • Versatile 
  • Fabric and Synthetic
  • Gel cushion system
  • Durable and Stable 
  • A solid rubber outsole
  • Cons
  • Not enough support

ASICS Gel-Court Speed Men’s Tennis Shoes

Speed Men's Tennis Shoes

ASICS table tennis shoes are the best shoes for regular players. Using the trusstic system, it reduces the weight of the sole unit while maintaining the structural integrity of your shoes.

Besides, the structure keeps you ready for whatever your next move. These shoes use high-quality materials that reduce the potential for irritation as well as friction. 

The Gel technology cushioning system also keeps your foot comfortable and breathable throughout the match.

These shoes come in versatile colors and also different sizes. With that in mind, pick up the right foot size and color for your competitive game.

Here a look some key features-

  • Pros
  • Fabric
  • Rubber sole
  • PGuard Toe Protector
  • Seamless Construction 
  • Rearfoot and Forefoot GEL Technology Cushioning 
  • Trusstic System technology
  • Cons
  • Not enough supportive

Butterfly Table Tennis Shoes

Butterfly Table Tennis Shoes

Butterfly is the best table tennis shoes because it provides excellent grip and most importantly no pressure or plantar fasciitis on the foot when taking quick steps in a game.

Besides, you love the traditional mesh toe that has been removed and covered. It also provides stabilizing properties and extreme light-weight. 

The midsole offers a sense of being barefoot, it is surprisingly comfortable, when you play games, you can understand and feel how easily you have moved your legs.

Finally, these shoes are specially designed for high-intensity players.

Here a look some key features-

  • Pros
  • Excellent grip 
  • Stabilizing properties
  • The traditional mesh toe 
  • Coloring with euphoria
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Cons
  • No drawbacks

LI-NING Men Table Tennis Shoes National Team Sponsor Wearable Breathable Lining Sports Shoes Sneakers

Men Table Tennis Shoes

LI-NING Men is the best table tennis shoes for high-quality textile material which is designed for high protection while playing games.

Besides, these shoes use non-marking gum rubber outsole that makes your shoes slip-resistant and wear-resistant. The rubber sole protects your toes from collisions as well as sports injuries.

The wearable EVA Midsole is designed for better shock-absorption which makes your feet more comfortable and breathable Also, the sole helps to reduce the weight of the shoe which brings the feeling of soft and comfortable wear.

LI-NING is also the table tennis shoes wide feet because they used an extra layer of reinforcement that is applied beside the toe area of the table tennis shoes. Also, these shoes reduce the collision to get support while playing, running, and walking.

So, these stylish shoes help to change your lifestyle and provide superior performance while games.

Here some it’s characteristics-

  • Pros
  • Synthetic leather
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Breathable and Comfortable
  • Anti-collision and wear resistance
  • Non-marking gum rubber outsole
  • Cons
  • Doesn’t have removable insert sole

Butterfly Lezoline Rifones Shoes – Table Tennis Shoes for Men or Women – Athletic Shock Absorbing, Gripping Shoes – Colors: Black, Lime Green, Magenta, Navy

Table Tennis Shoes for Men or Women

The Butterfly Lezoline Rifones table tennis shoes are designed for the top table tennis players. Besides, these shoes provide cushions and protect your forefoot during rapid movements.

The Rifeness table tennis shoes are made of a B-Ridge which is a bridge-shaped middle sole that supports a sliding motion during games.

Besides, these shoes are preventing undesired movements and enhance the feeling of a perfect fit. They are also increased stability prevents distortion of the shoes which happens through the particular movement of table tennis and offers stable footwork.

Butterfly table tennis shoes are also used B-Absorber that is a special shock absorbing sponge placed between the outer and middle sole of the forefoot which features cushioning as well as flexibility.

Overall, these superior grip table tennis shoes are the perfect choice for the competing player.

Here a look some it’s pros and cons-

  • Pros
  • Excellent grip
  • Shock absorbent
  • Extreme cushion
  • Superior support
  • Comfortable and flexible
  • Cons
  • No drawbacks

New Balance Men’s 696 V3 Hard Court Table Tennis Shoes

Balance Men's Table Tennis Shoes

If you are looking for your first pair of table tennis shoes, then New Balance Men’s 696 V3 is the best shoes for the great support and excellent traction on the hard surfaces.

Besides, the newly 696 V3 are so comfortable and very lightweight. Theses table tennis shoes also provide a good level of support. Even so, you can use all the help you can get when playing with good players.

They are also designed with a herringbone outsole pattern to maximize your performance on the hard courts. Besides, they allow more breathability to help you deliver in the clutch. 

If you want to play with pickle-ball, then they are also great sneakers for any court. Even, you can also use them for indoor workouts.

Overall, these footwear shoes are super and if you don’t want to spend too much too on table tennis shoes wide feet, then these comfy shoes would be a perfect choice.

Here a look some it’s features-

  • Pros
  • Athletic shoe
  • Good price
  • Leather and Synthetic
  • Supportive and great grip
  • Comfortable and traction
  • Cons
  • The sizing of these shoes need to change
  • If you have a high arch, then you will feel tight around your toe

AUPERF Women’s Memory Foam Running Tennis Shoes Slip On Walking Sneakers Fashion Gym Jogging Sports Lightweight Athletic

Balance Men's Table Tennis Shoes

If you need a new pair of shoes for everyday use as well as for playing games, then AUPERF Women’s is the perfect shoes for you. They have great arch support and also reduce the pressure on your foot

Besides, these running shoes are the best table tennis shoes for the worthy price because these shoes are not as costly as some other shoes. 

Also, they are very comfortable and light-weight material that is breathable and preventing your feet to become sweaty. If you wear them for over a month, they will still look new.

If you wear these comfy shoes all day, you don’t need to break because they are so comfortable that you don’t get pain and tiredness at the end of the day. That’s why they are also the best shoes for flat feet nurses.

Walking women’s shoes with the memory foam liner for an amazing step feeling, even you feel like you are walking on the clouds as well as processed is smooth and soft. Besides, these walking shoes are suitable for every woman.

So, you won’t have to worry about getting the right size when you’re purchasing them from online.

Here a look some it’s pros and cons-

  • Pros
  • Worthy price
  • Smooth and Soft
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Cute and Stylish Sneaker
  • workout and daily wearing shoes
  • Cons
  • Thicker sole
  • Not so comfortable for walking long distances like a trip

ASICS Men’s Gel-Dedicate 6 Table Tennis Shoes

Table Tennis Shoes for men

As a recreational tennis player, ASICS Men’s Gel-Dedicate 6 table tennis shoes work on your backhand and serve the comfort and support of the entire match.

The weight of the shoes is also the best part of the game because if you wear heavy shoes, you will not be able to move your feet well. That’s why these shoes used a truss-tic system that reduces the weight of the sole unit without sacrificing structural integrity.

Also, Asics table tennis shoes are made especially for you because they are designed in a new way which is alternative and comfortable for your foot.

Even, the Gel Cushioning System attenuates shock during the impact phase and allows your foot for a smooth transition to mid-stance.

Furthermore, Asics table tennis shoes are also designed with a fabric lining that is comfortable and also the best shoes for ankle support. The breathable mesh upper absorbs the sweat and also keeps your tired foot comfy and cool.

So, try modern shoes with this ultra-design, otherwise, you will miss the comfortable shoes and vision too.

Here a look some it’s pros and cons

  • Pros
  • Fabric and Synthetic
  • Lace-up closure
  • Comfortable fabric lining
  • Padded tongue and collar
  • Breathable and Supportive
  • Cons
  • Not great for outdoor courts

Adidas Barricade Classic Bounce Tennis Shoe

Adidas Table Tennis Shoe

Adidas Barricade Classic Bounce is built for great performance in table tennis shoe games. Besides, these bounce shoes provide energized comfort all day.

Barricade Classic shoes are made of a mesh upper with synthetic layering for stability, comfort as well as breathability.

As a player, it’s important to stable on the ground. So, these shoes are designed bootee construction that helps your foot to stable on the ground.

These excellent shoes are also used of the abrasion-resistant Adidas tuff which wraps around the toe and medial forefoot to help protect against foot drag that occurs during serves, volleys, and extreme lateral movements.

These stylish bounce table tennis shoes also offer you high-wear durability at a friendly price.

Here a look some it’s features-

  • Pros
  • Excellent design
  • Supportive and Stable
  • Enhanced breathability and Airflow
  • Torsion System for midfoot integrity
  • Adidas wear outsole offers the ultimate in high-wear durability
  • Cons
  • Less breathable
  • If you have a narrow foot, then it may be uncomfortable for your foot

Mishansha Mens Court Squash Badminton Table Tennis Shoes Indoor Outdoor Non Slip

Table Tennis Shoes Indoor Outdoor Non Slip

Mishansha Men’s table tennis shoes have a unique colorful-matched pattern design and also perfect for professional sports.

Besides, these Athletic tennis shoes are not only for the sport of tennis, but you can also wear them for other indoor and outdoor sports such as volleyball, badminton, squash, racquetball, Ping-Pong and so on. Even, they are also suitable for daily activities, like shopping, class, work, walking, running, cycling, etc.

They designed for the ergonomics that provide cushions and protect your ankles, that’s why you can wear them as daily shoes because of the stylish design of shoes.

They are also used breathable mesh fabric which keeps your feet air-flow and dries after a long workout. Furthermore, the foam insole enhances support and comfort on your foot.

So, keep your daily activities with these non-slip and wearable shoes.

Here some it’s characteristics-

  • Pros
  • Unique colorful-matched pattern design 
  • Avant-garde fashion and guiding trend
  • Arch design with soft textile lining, fit snugs 
  • Foam insole enhance support and reduce friction
  • High-quality MD midsole offer great slip-resistant, anti-skid and cushioning
  • Cons
  • The durability is not too much good
  • These stylish shoes don’t come many sizes

Some of the key features you have to consider before buying the table tennis shoes

As a table tennis player, you pay hundreds of dollars for the latest racket and the table. But, you don’t pay attention to your shoes. That’s why you might be experienced so many injuries. 

So, you have to select them very carefully because only you know which shoes are supportive, comfortable, and great for your wide or flat feet. 

With that in mind, look for quality shoes that will help you play well.

  • Traction 

Traction plays a key role to avoid injuries because it keeps good traction between the floor and your shoes.

Besides, traction control your foot from uncontrolled movement, as a result, when you take a quick step, then it connects with the floor and protects you to get injuries.

Choosing the right table tennis shoes which have good traction and also flexibility.

  • Ankle support 

At the present time, ankle support is ideal for players because it’s increased your confidence to take any step at a sudden time. 

As a table tennis player, it is the most important thing in games. All shoes are not enough to support your ankle, as a result, you get injured yourself.

  • Midsole 

A midsole is designed in such a way that it increases the intense foot-sport of top players. Besides, it reduces the force on your foot and also very helpful for flat feet. 

Therefore, it provides extra comfort and excellent grip that are great for your leg.

  • Durable shoe

Durability is important to play table tennis sport, but all of the shoes can’t provide it. Besides, the right shoes will help you feel your foot on the playground which provides a lot of durability for your high-speed move.

Minimum shoes stable at least two months, but high-quality shoes stable for years that you need most for your regular activities.

  • Breathability 

The material’s ability to allow moisture vapor transmitted through the kind of material is called breathability.

The fast and repetitive steps in table tennis mean that your feet would get hot quickly and frequently sweat a lot

The right table tennis shoes are made to enable good airflow out and in of the shoes by means of holes and meshes within the material, enabling sweat to evaporate and cooling feet in the process.

It does not only keep one’s feet comfortable but also minimizes the chance of skin problems like blisters.

In final words

There are different types of shoes; you need to choose the right shoes among them. Otherwise, you will face a lot of injuries that are not good for your feet.

Also, the best table tennis shoes not only keep the comfort of your feet but also increase your playing ability which is very helpful to be a good professional table tennis player.

If you are interested in playing table tennis, then these shoes are suitable for table tennis sport which we have already given above.

So, don’t worry and start your day playing table tennis with top shoes!

Are these shoes are best for playing table tennis sport?

These shoes are specifically made for table tennis players that are fit your foot perfectly and provide the best comfort and durability.

Do these shoes are flexible?

Yes, these shoes are flexible and have an excellent grip that helps you to play well.

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